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Lead Yourself First!

Dr. Erick Lauber maintains a blog/video blog about how to change. It is called Life Framing®

Life Framing® is a process. Sometimes it involves taking a step back and realizing you can look at every situation in your life from various lens sizes (angles of view). These different ways of framing the situation provide different views and do two extremely important things: one, they present the situation differently so new, creative solutions present themselves; two, they ensure solutions are congruent with each level of our life or organization, including our highest priorities.

Life Framing® sometimes involves re-examining a difficult situation, or our life in general, from multiple directions and from multiple distances. For example, we have at least three leading roles to play in the control of our life story; script writer, director and lead actor. See past and current blog posts for more on these three leading roles and for current blog and video posts.

Life Framing® is a perspective and a frame of mind.  It says I will keep my whole life in perspective; I will not let the little things upset me; I will change the things I can with wisdom and courage; I will strive to have a balanced life full of love and relationships, perhaps a spiritual component, good health, challenging and meaningful work; and I will strive for self-actualization -not just for my sake but also for the sake of all of those people I hold dear in my life.

Life Framing® is: