Who is Dr. Erick Lauber?

Erick Lauber, Ph.D., is president of Life Framing International and a digital journalism faculty at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). He is also in charge of Leadership Training and Research at the Mid-Atlantic Research and Training Insitute at IUP, and has developed the undergraduate Leadership Academy at IUP and the Leadership Indiana County program. He is widely published, and has produced and hosted dozens of award-winning educational television shows. These have included entire seasons of “Healthy Living”, “Lessons for Life” and “Humans 101”. As an applied psychologist he has co-authored papers in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Psychological Science, Psychologica, Educational Technology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimage and the book series Attention and Performance (XVIII), Learning and Motivation, and Cognitive Modeling. As a journalist and column author he has published over 70 articles in national magazines and recently he published his first book (visit "Speeches/Workshops" above)

Erick Lauber graduated with Honors from Northwestern Univ. in 1987, then received his Masters and Doctorate from the Univ. of Michigan in 1991 and 1995. He has worked on applied psychology projects for both government organizations and businesses, and spent time as a faculty member at the University of Georgia in the Psychology Dept and the Institute of Higher Education. In the late 1990’s his love for producing educational materials led him to create his first media company, Wolf Lane Productions while hosting an educational television show in Athens, GA.

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Throughout his 20 yrs as a teacher and scholar, Erick has spoken or consulted with thousands on change, personal growth and leadership. As a media producer and host he has won over two dozen national awards and film festivals with his educational and training materials, and, as a leader, he has been director, president, officer or board member of numerous business, educational and non-profit organizations. At present he resides in Indiana, PA with his wife and three teenage children.

Erick's media awards have included the Broadcast Educator Award, Videographer Awards, Telly Awards, MarCom Awards, Webby Awards, Davey Awards, Aegis Awards, Communicator Awards, and Hermes Creative Awards.